Supervised Master's theses

  • Christian Gehls. Evaluation of custom instruction hardware for image processing algorithms on a SoPC (March 2013)
  • Henning Rehn. Anti-counterfeit and know-how protection for embedded sensor systems (March 2013)
  • Sebastian Wartmann. Hardware and software development for the space debris impact detector SOLID (November 2012)
  • Stefan Gehrer. Development of a graphics unit with multi-port access for FPGA-based system-on-a-chip designs (October 2012)
  • Benjamin Gradert. Transmission of video signals over lang distance with fiber optics and FPGAs (October 2012)
  • Walerij Sloboda. Streaming and real-time processing of video data on an embedded system (September 2012)
  • Stefan Grzelke. Design of a universal interface module for connection of (seat) sensors (June 2012)